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Syncplicity – Cloud Sync And Share Product

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Syncplicity – Cloud Sync And Share Product

Category : Cloud Storage

For an enterprise grade data storage requirement Syncplicity is the best solution. It allows mobile collaboration and file sharing facilities. It also provides a cloud storage area where important documents and files can be stored. With Syncplicity users can experience the freedom to store as much data they want. It is also secure and is reliable. Syncplicity is the perfect place to store, sync, protect and share files. The unique features and the strong security it provides make Syncplicity trustworthy.

Features of Syncplicity

Allows access to files from any device

Syncplicity provides its users access to all the documents, folders and files which have been uploaded on the drive. The strong security features and the speed Syncplicity provides is appreciable.

  • Syncplicity collaborate you with your team members in a secure manner through the online drive.
  • Just work on the drive. No need to adopt any extra step. Keep your files in their original place and just share them by clicking a share button. Nothing else is required to share your documents with someone else.
  • Be confident about the security of the drive. The administration, security and the control features of Syncplicity are focused to keep your files secure.

Distribution of file to a mobile workforce

The drive can be used to publish the files so that large group can access the files. Irrespective of the devices they are using or the software they have, they can access the files.

  • This facility can be used to share the materials with your teammates. All your team members can view the files through this facility.
  • Make sure that the editing rights are not given to anyone so that everyone can view the correct and initial version of the file.
  • The files can be viewed online of offline.

Replace FTP and safely share large files

No extra steps are required to send large files to anyone. Files can be sent to others irrespective of their size. No matter how large your file is it can easily be uploaded on the drive.

  • Share your videos, files and other large document files securely.
  • No need to log into FTP sites for sending large files.
  • Send links through the email instead of the files so that the track of the file can be kept.

Backup your documents easily and make them available continuously

Protect all your documents by storing them on the drive. Drive also allows you to work quickly as documents can directly be edited or sent through the drive itself.

  • The documents can be backed up easily while you are working on them.
  • In case your PC ran into a problem, access your drive from another PC and start working from wherever you left.
  • Bring all files in one place.

Syncplicity is the best option to store all your files and to access them from wherever you want to. It consists of a built in editor where it becomes easy to edit the MS Office files and the PDFs. All permissions for accessing any particular file is provided by the owner himself. So register now and enjoy the data storage facility.