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Sync – Secure Cloud Storage

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Sync – Secure Cloud Storage

Category : Cloud Storage

Sync is a cloud storage area which makes sharing, storing and accessing your files easy from anywhere you want. It guarantees complete privacy to its customers and the files uploaded here can never get lost.

It is a 100% private cloud. New customers get 5 GB of free storage space. So register yourself on Sync, and enjoy the free storage area.

Features of Sync

Storage area

Sync is a zero-knowledge storage platform. It guarantees the privacy of your data and does not keep any information. Encryption techniques and passwords are used to hide the files.

  • Desktop apps for Windows and OS X are available.
  • Apps for smartphones are also there
  • The drive can be accessed online
  • Web browser can also bring you to your saved data

Automatic sync and back up

All the files on your personal device are backed up in one single location. All the devices are synchronized with the drive. The files can also be restored any time.

  • It provides real time backup
  • Allows to recover lost data from a disaster
  • The files deleted can be recovered
  • The file version history can restore the files.
  • Sync Vault.

Access the drive from anywhere

Sync is platform independent and it allows the users to access their files from whichever operating system they want to. Just download an app for your iPhone, tablet or smartphone and access the drive easily.

Share files in a secure manner

Files are shared through the drive in a secure manner. Even if the receiver does not own an account in Sync they can receive the files. While sharing the files make sure it is password protected.

  • Large files can be sent fast
  • Other users can also send the files to you in a secure manner.
  • The files can also be shared and you team mates can be invites to view or edit the files.
  • The admin can custom the visibility of the files.
  • Read only and read-write permissions can be set.
  • The owner can also limit the number of downloads of a particular file.

Allows to work in teams

One file can be viewed by more than one people. The owner can invite his team members to work on the files together. The files can be viewed by all the members invited. Editing control can also be provided to the colleagues.

Privacy and Security

Sync assures full privacy and security of the personal data you upload here. It provides end-to-end encryption to the files uploaded.

  • Follows encryption techniques like 2048 bit RSA, 256 bit ASE, TLS and SSL encryption.
  • The files are encrypted during they are transferred or shared.
  • The control permissions are completely with the owner of the account.
  • Has remote logout and remote wipe feature.
  • Notifications on a regular basis are available.
  • Two-factor authentication adopted for complete security.

Therefore, sync is a reliable online data storage area.

Customer Service

In case the user has any questions related to the drive, the customer care services are there to help. They help you through an email, phone call or other means.

There are a group of professionals who can work together to solve all your technical issues with the drive.