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SurDoc – Cloud Storage

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SurDoc – Cloud Storage

Category : Cloud Storage

SurDoc allows people all over the world to store, share and sync their valuable information by providing them an online data storage solution. It basically provides an area in the cloud where they can upload their information and save it. The files uploaded here can be accessed from wherever the user wants to.

SurDoc is a secure place to store all your files. The files once uploaded on the drive can stay here forever. Even in case you lose your mobile phones or tablets, the documents which are there on the drive are safe.

Features of SurDoc

  • SurDoc backs up all your files till you are connected to the internet. Hence, there is no risk of losing important data or information.
  • The files uploaded here are safe. SurDoc uses the security technologies which are used by banks and military in U.S. to safeguard the valuable information of the users.
  • In case you lose your device or your device crashes, SurDoc restores all the files which have been uploaded on the drive. The restoring process is quick and easy.
  • Installing the SurDoc app is very easy. All you need is to simply download the app and all other steps are covered by SurDoc automatically.

Benefits of SurDoc

  • It provides colleagues of any enterprise a platform where all the members can share, edit and access files at the same time. When the files are shared they can be opened on any device irrespective of their format. Everyone might not have all the software required to open a particular file. SurDoc guarantees its users that they can open whichever files they want to.
  • With SurDoc sending large files to anyone becomes easy. Now no need to upload an attachments, just send the link and the user can view the files. The sender should send a simple SurDoc URL which opens in SurDoc.
  • The main concern of the users while they upload their documents on the cloud is its safety. SurDoc assures its customers to keep their files safe. The files are encrypted during transmission. The files are also automatically backed up. In case by mistake you delete any file it can easily be restored in SurDoc.
  • People working on the same project from different locations can save their valuable time by using the drive. They can share any document here, edit the documents online and contact with their colleagues in case any further change is required. This process save lot of time and makes your work easier.
  • Workers can also access their important files and documents from wherever they want to. The files uploaded on the drive can be accessed from any device, anywhere. Hence, it makes your work easy and convenient.

SurDoc is the perfect solution in case you are running short of space to store data and it provides added benefits also. The price charged to store data online is quite low. So choose SurDoc and enjoy the interesting features of this online storage area. It is fast, reliable and trustworthy.