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StreamNation – Cloud Storage

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StreamNation – Cloud Storage

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An online cloud data storage area has now become a necessity for people who do not want to lose their memorable memories and important files. Capturing special moments in life is easy but saving and sharing them in a secured manner is a difficult task.

StreamNation is one such cloud storage area which allows users all over the world to upload, save and share their data. It is a secure place to store important data. It uses encryption techniques to avoid third parties to access data. So store your files here easily and share them whenever you want to.

StreamNation offers niche service which means it stores and shares media files only. Non-media files are not supported by the drive.

Why to choose StreamNation?

StreamNation is a perfect online data storage solution for many reasons.

First of all, if you are on a vacation and you want to share your special moments with someone else you can easily upload your files on the drive and share them with your closed ones. Since StreamNation is secure, it does not allow a third party to access your files. It uses a streaming technology to avoid illegal download of the content.

Secondly, apart from serving family and friends, StreamNation is used by production companies also. Movie files are uploaded on the drive so that the production companies can access the files from wherever they want to.

Thirdly, StreamNation is declared secure by the strong privacy laws of Europe’s Union. All the files uploaded here are password protected and can be viewed by the account holder only. Hence, users need not worry about the security of their files.

Fourthly, people can access their files even if they are offline. The files once uploaded on the drive can be viewed form any device and the data can be accessed even in the absence of an internet connection.

In future, StreamNation has planned to add a feature which deletes the content form the device once it has been uploaded on the drive. It is a unique feature as it would free the storage area in mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Pricing Plans of StreamNation

Every user is allowed to use 2 GB space to store data without charging anything. Users can enjoy free storage of up to 10 GB if they recommend StreamNation to their friends or download the application of StreamNation on their desktop.

For more space on the cloud, paid plans are there. 100 GB storage space is available to the users at $4 only. It may reach to $19 in case a user wants unlimited cloud storage area.

Hence, the excellent features, strong security system and fast approach of StreamNation makes it one of the best online data storage solutions. Buying space on the cloud in case of StreamNation is cheaper in comparison to others. So register now, download an app and enjoy unlimited space to store your valuable data.

Storing media is no more an issue after the development of StreamNation. Upload media files, share them easily and watch them online without any problems.