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SeaCloud – Open Source File Sync and Share Software

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SeaCloud – Open Source File Sync and Share Software

Category : Cloud Storage

SeaCloud is a popular open source online data storage solution. It allows users and organization to store data online.

It is the perfect place which fulfills data storage requirements of any enterprise. The online data storage area has built in file encryption technique which encrypts the files when they are uploaded or downloaded from the drive.

It makes team work easier and more convenient. Files can be shared easily and the files which are shared can also be locked in case you want to limit the number of users accessing your files. There are other interesting features which allow any association to work smoothly. All the rights and permissions of the files reside with the owner only.

What SeaCloud does?

  • It is a huge storage area where files of any size can be uploaded and saved. It reduces the need of hardware and external storage devices.
  • The primary concern of the SeaCloud is to allow file syncing. This means that files once uploaded on the drive is synced i.e. these files can now be viewed if the drive is accessed from any device. It is a brilliant tool which allows teamwork.
  • SeaCloud offers file encryption facility which means that data once uploaded are encrypted and are password protected. If the user fails to give the correct password he will not be able to access any data. Even the admin of the system is not able to access any user’s data.

Why to choose SeaCloud?

  • It allows data to be shared in groups and hence makes team work easier. The notifications, activity and versioning make team work easy and dependable.
  • The performance of SeaCloud is excellent. C programming language has been used to write the core of the SeaCloud server.
  • It is easier to upgrade the drive by running a simple script. Since very few items are stored in the database hence no huge up gradation is required.
  • This tool is perfect to meet the requirements of any enterprise. The AD/LDAP integration, permission control, group syncing and many other tools are there which are important for meeting the demands of an enterprise.

SeaCloud is secure

The safety of your data is the main concern of SeaCloud. To have a syncing tool which guarantees that no data will be lost is not easy. SeaCloud chooses a reliable syncing tool which is stable and reliable in comparison to other syncing tools. Restoring facility is also available with the drive as it allows users to restore the files which have been deleted by mistake. Overall, SeaCloud is a secure place to keep your important files and folders.

So register yourself at SeaCloud and enjoy the unlimited space to store data. This online data storage has earned the trust of thousands of users throughout the world. Lots of teams, organizations and companies now prefer SeaCloud for storing their data online.

Price charged for buying a space in SeaCloud is reasonable. Free trial of few GB is provided to every new customer so that he can test all the features of the online drive.