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Prompt File – Hosting Sites, File Sharing

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Prompt File – Hosting Sites, File Sharing

Category : Cloud Storage

Prompt File is an online storage solution which allows you to store unlimited data online. The data uploaded on the drive can easily be accessed, shared and managed.

It is the most efficient cloud storage area which handles your personal data efficiently. There is no risk of losing data once it is uploaded on the drive.

It has an easy-to use interface which allows even the starters to use this service conveniently. The folders can be uploaded on the drive by a simple drag and drop technique.

Prompt File is also popular for its excellent features which attract the customers to choose Prompt File for storing all their information. The features of Prompt File include:

  • It allows the users to share files. Even large files can easily be uploaded on the drive and can be shared easily. The owner has the full control over the file and he is the only person who decides to allow others to access the files.
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of data downloaded from or uploaded to the drive. Large files can easily be downloaded from the drive if the internet connection is good.
  • The files on the drive are properly managed and arranged. The user can easily find the file he is looking for from a huge collection of data.

Other features include:

  • Allows FTP Uploads
  • Remote URL upload is also preferred
  • Videos are encoded before they are shared

Prompt File is secure

The files uploaded on the drive are encrypted from start to end. Only the one who has the key can decrypt the file. Prompt File is secure since it follows a strong encryption algorithm to encrypt all the files.

While the files are shared, they are password protected and only the receiver who knows the password can view them.

The owner is the only person who can give rights or permission to others to view his files. Even the workers of Prompt File cannot see anyone’s personal data.

Start with a guest account

Every new user gets some free storage area on the cloud so that they can test the features provided by Prompt File.

From guest account the user can enjoy unlimited downloading and uploading speed of the files. The file manager facilities are limited. They get 1 GB free storage area.

There is another facility of free account where every user gets 250 GB of free storage space. The uploading and downloading speed is unlimited and files up to 5 GB are allowed here. Through this account full featured file managing facilities are available.

So register yourself now, check out the features and then create a permanent account in Prompt File to enjoy its unique features.

Help and Support

In case of any query or doubt while using the drive the customers can directly call the customer care. The email address and the contact number are available on the website.

For any technical assistance contact the professional at the customers care office of Prompt File who are ready to help.