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pCloud – Cloud Storage

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pCloud – Cloud Storage

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pCloud is an online storage space which can be brought by users for their personal purpose. They can store their memorable videos, photos, songs and work documents online. pCloud can be accessed using your smartphone or your computer, all you need is to download the pCloud app. It can also be accessed with the help of a browser. pCloud provides high level security to the files uploaded here. All the files are encrypted using pCloud Crypto.

Features of pCloud

  • The most exciting feature of pCloud is that it provides one safe place where the users can store all their valuable information. All they need to do is link all their devices which include their PCs, laptops and smartphones to the pCloud account. This in turn will save all their information directly to the drive.
  • Register on pCloud and you can earn up to 20 GB of free online storage space. With the creation of the account you get 10 GB data. If you recommend your friends to use pCloud you will be rewarded with an extra 10 GB storage space from pCloud. In case you need more space then you can pay a reasonable price and but space up to 1 TB in the cloud.

Pricing Plans of pCloud

  • Up to 20 GB cloud space is available to all the users who register on pCloud. This space can be used to store personal information.
  • Then 500 GB is available if you pay $ 3.99 every month. This can be used a premium storage space for all advanced users.
  • For 1 TB you must pay $ 7.99 every month. This plan must be chosen if you want to store large files online.
  • 5 TB of the cloud space is also provided to the customers who work on an enterprise level. It also includes pCloud Crypto to encrypt the data.

The prices mentioned above are final and includes VAT and other service taxes.

pCloud: A perfect place to share memories

Share your memorable moments with your family and friends through pCloud. In pCloud large files can easily be sent online. The files are sent with a download link so that the receiver can download the file.

The space owner can also invite his friends to view certain folders in his drive. The access permission is again provided by the owner of the drive himself.

There is no limit to sharing files. Files of any size can be uploaded and shared through the drive.

Security features of pCloud

Highly secure data connection like TSL and SSL protocols are used to transfer data online. Hence the users need not worry about the security of his files. pCloud Crypto is also used for high security.

pCloud Crypto is now available for all mobiles and desktops. It provides enhanced protection for the sensitive files. It works on zero knowledge policy and encrypts the data on client side.

An easy to use interface makes pCloud more popular among users. It can work on any platform like Mac, Widows or Linux. pCloud is one of the best among the online storage solutions available in market.