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OziBox – Online Storage, Cloud Storage

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OziBox – Online Storage, Cloud Storage

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OziBox is a professional storage area with premium management software installed. It is created by Supercoders which is a global community which strives for a better internet. They have been working since 2008 to make internet public, open and accessible to everyone. They work hard to make such tools for internet which gives the internet users a better experience.

OziBox provides all its users a space where they can store their important information. It is a professional cloud generally used by large enterprises to store their documents and files. The files uploaded on the drive are safe.

Features of OziBox:

OziBox has lots of features which makes data storage easier and convenient. The unique features of this online drive make it better from other online storages available in the market.

  • It stores the files in a safe place

Many times due to hardware crash or some other hardware failures you might have lost some important data. Losing important data was always painful. Nowadays, with the invention of OziBox your files are safe once they are uploaded and stored on the drive. Storing files here give the users a peace of mind as the risk of losing files from the drive is negligible.

  • Helps you collaborate with your team and colleagues

Apart from being a perfect place to store your important files, OziBox has other interesting features also. It allows its users to collaborate with their colleagues, partners and their employee through the drive. The employees and the coworkers must also be a member of OziBox to access data. The drive improves the cooperation of the users with their team members. Now no need to separately send an email to all your team members, OziBox helps you work together even if you live far away from your team members. It is easier, better and faster than traditional working techniques.

  • Files are synced and can be accessed from anywhere

OziBox allows the users to access their files from the drive whenever they want to. Sync all your PCs, laptops and smartphones to the drive so that you can access your files from wherever you want to. Get ready to store, share and sync your files with OziBox.

  • Organizes files properly

The files which are uploaded on the drive are properly organized. Proper organization of the files helps the users to find a particular file from a collection of too many. The files are arranged according to their date and size. They are viewed on the drive in the form of lists or icons.

Start using it now. Create an account and enjoy the features it provides you. It is a community developed online cloud storage area which provides 10 GB of free storage area to all the newly registered users.

Ozibox is a professional cloud which is secure and reliable. It is pocket friendly also. First 10 GB space is available for all the registered users. For more space on the cloud the users need to pay some amount every month. So register now and get started with it.