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OneDrive – File & Photo Cloud Storage

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OneDrive – File & Photo Cloud Storage

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OneDrive also commonly known as SkyDrive is an online storage area which stores documents and also organizes them properly. This online service allows people upload their important data online on the drive and then after that users can access their files from wherever they want to. This cloud storage can be used in personal computers or mobile phones. OneDrive is a Microsoft product and is compatible in all devices which have Windows, Android and iOS as its operating system. This service has a special feature through which you can use this offline also you just have to make those files available offline.

Now there is no need to carry your pen drives or any extra external storage devices to store your data. All you need to do is upload your documents here and they will automatically be synchronized and saved. OneDrive has also reduced the cost of data storage. Now, we need not purchase any type of external memory device to store data. This service comes pre-installed if you use windows 10.

About OneDrive

  • OneDrive saves your data automatically if your device has a built-in-camera you can save a backup of your images straight away to OneDrive. You just have to make sure that your device camera can save your photos automatically.
  • Files can be viewed from anywhere you want to either it be online or offline. You can make your saved files available offline and then you can view your files offline also.
  • You can use this service in many devices like personal computer or you can use OneDrive app in your smart phones which may be Android, Windows or iOS.
  • You can now share your files much more easily and efficiently than using a flash drive.
  • If the files on the drive are edited then a notification message is available which says who has edited the file and when.
  • A Recycle bin is also available on the drive through which one can recover his/her docs in case the documents get deleted accidentally by the user.

Privacy and security

Files saved on OneDrive can be viewed by Microsoft, and any sort of data that violates the rules and regulations of Microsoft can be removed and the specific account can be closed temporarily or permanently.

All the files uploaded on the drive are encrypted by a strong encryption technique. Hence, except the owner of the account, no one else can access the files on the drive. In case owner share a file publicly then all the permissions and rights to edit the files are given by the owner himself.

The users should obey the code of conduct of the company and there should not be any kind of human being nudity or any such related articles saved on the drive.

OneDrive is the best online cloud storage service with a good user friendly interface and lots of features to explore. It makes data storage much easier, flexible and faster for people in the world. So create an account here and enjoy the unlimited data storage area provided to you.