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Mega – Secure Cloud Storage

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Mega – Secure Cloud Storage

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Kim Dotcom launched a cloud data storage service which is known as Mega. It is the descendent of MegaUpload and has better features than its predecessor. The interface of Mega is made using HTML 5 and it uses Javascript encryption layer. It makes uploading, downloading and sharing data easier. Storing data in Mega keeps your data secure. Data can also be easily accessible from anywhere you want to. Starters as well as experts can learn the features of Mega and store their important information here.

Features of Mega

Mega is a simple cloud storage service which does not offer lots of features. The main aim of Mega is to provide its users a secure and easy to use cloud storage solution. Some features of Mega are:

Zero Knowledge

Zero knowledge is very important policy adopted by almost all cloud data storage providers. According to this policy the files are totally encrypted when they are uploaded on the drive and the user has the key. When these files are downloaded they can be decrypted only if the user knows the key. Hence, the employees of Mega also are unaware of the contents of the file.

Mouse Motion and Key Stroke

An encryption key is provided to the users on the basis of their keystrokes and the motion of their mouse. The algorithm behind this is unknown but it is an intelligent way to keep the information safe.

No Restriction of File Size

Users can upload file of any size on Mega. No restrictions have been put on uploading files on Mega.

Sharing Folders

Mega offers its users the facility to share files and folders online. The only limitation in case of Mega is the receiver must also have an account in Mega. In case the receiver is not registered in Mega, you cans end an invitation to him. The sender has total control over the data he shares.

Uploading large files

It allows the users to upload large files at once. There is no restriction on the size of the file to be uploaded on the drive.

How to start using Mega?

First of all the user needs to create a Mega account. While registering you need to fill some details which include your name, email id, username and password. These create an encryption key which further allows users to enjoy the benefits of Mega.

Uploading Data

Uploading files on the drive is very simple and easy. An upload button is available on the drive which uploads files to the drive.

Downloading Data

Data can be downloaded easily by simply clicking on the particular folder. Select the file and click on the download symbol to download it on your device.

Sharing Data

Click on the file you want to share and you will automatically get a share option. Now check out the URL link of the file and then send the link to the receiver. The receiver must know the encryption key to download the file. Hence, tell him the encryption key otherwise he will not be able to access the file and its contents.

When new users register in Mega they get trial storage area of 50 GB free of cost. If you like the features of Mega you can apply for more pricing plans.