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MediaFire – Cloud Storage and Photo Backup

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MediaFire – Cloud Storage and Photo Backup

Category : Cloud Storage

Accessing and sharing your files is now an easy procedure with the development of an online cloud solution known as MediaFire. It enables people all over the world to upload and share their files. There is no need to create an account in MediaFire for uploading your files. A simple upload button uploads your important files and documents on the drive. So access your media from wherever you go, find all your files in one location and share whatever you want to with your friends and colleagues.

Features of MediaDrive

The most interesting thing about MediaFire is the users need not register themselves here for uploading their documents. Few other features are:

  • Access

Once you upload your files on the drive, your files are synced automatically. File syncing feature of the drive allows the users from all over the world to access their files from wherever they want. Users can view their files from any device.

  • Connect

Users can easily connect with anyone whenever they want to. They can invite people to edit their documents or they can share their files with others. All changes done by anyone is saved on the drive.

  • Share

Data can directly be shared from the drive itself. Just a few clicks and you can share your folders, photos and videos with others. Sharing is done by sending links to others.

  • Screenshot

It also provides the facility to take a screenshot of the work you want to. Capture the screenshot of the drive at any moment and you can share it with your team mates.

  • Security

MediaFire is secure as it follows strict encryption techniques to secure data from third parties. The folders if shared privately are password protected. The account holder is only liable to grant permissions to others to access or edit their files. Users can send one time links which can be used by the receivers once only.

MediaFire can run on Windows, MacOs or any other operating system. An app is available for every operating system which if downloaded makes your work simpler. Through the app the drive can be accessed conveniently.

User-Friendly Interface

MediaFire is simple and easy to use. All information is available on the screen, and even starters can use the drive. It provides regular notifications to the users.

When one uploads a file, the time remaining to upload the file and speed with which it is being transferred is shown on the screen. MediaFire is quick in uploading and sharing but you need to have a decent Internet connection.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

Every user gets some space in the cloud for free. A Pro account in MediaFire provides the users to save around 2 GB data in the space. The data uploaded is password protected. In case the users require more space they need to pay a nominal amount. Hence, MediaFire is pocket-friendly.

Therefore, choose MediaFire for a simple and effective online data storage solution. It is fast, reliable and allows its customers to save their important data forever.