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Jumpshare – File Sharing, Send Big Files, View Files

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Jumpshare – File Sharing, Send Big Files, View Files

Category : Cloud Storage

Jumpshare is an innovative idea which is known for its file sharing service. This cloud storage device allows user to upload their important file such as images, videos, or any such documents. The files can be shared with your friends, family etc. The data sharing service provided to the users allows the users to view around 200 types of file formats from any browser. No matter what device you are using the data can be viewed easily. This real time service aims to provide the users a very fast file sharing service. You can share photos, videos, documents, PowerPoint presentations, excel, word file, codes, music and many more file types in a couple of seconds.   The security of the files is also the responsibility of Jumpshare.

Jumpshare provides 2 GB of space and an upload limit of 250 MB which is totally free of cost after that the service is chargeable. Prices are charged on a monthly basis depending upon the amount of space you buy on the cloud.

Features of Jumpshare

  • The main feature of this online data storage service is that it is extremely fast and data can be shared from one person to another within seconds. Only thing you have to do is to drag your intended file which you want to share in the Jumpshare system icon in windows and in OS X. Once the files are dragged they will instantly be shared.
  • It can view more than 200 types of file formats and so users can view almost all formats of their uploaded documents online in this drive. There is no need to downloading any extra software for viewing the files.
  • You can use this facility from any of your device or browser. It may be your smart phone, tablets, personal computers etc.
  • You can retrieve your personal uploaded data sitting anywhere in the earth.
  • Folders here are created automatically and are kept in the batch of similar to the kind of data on the drive. Therefore, looking for a particular file will not be a tedious task.
  • It has a very simple, fast and a user friendly interface which makes file uploading and sharing very easy for the users.
  • You need not end up your work after your official timings are over you can work with this online service anytime you want to work.
  • Files can also be posted to your twitter or other social networking sites in just one click.


Security and privacy

All the documents uploaded in this drive are encrypted with AES-256 standard which means Jumpshare provides a very high security for the users. Any unauthorized person can never have access to the files. So, you need not worry about your privacy and security, it is maintained at its utmost.

Help and support

You can always visit the help centers of Jumpshare or you can write emails also if you need any kind of technical assistance. You can also clear all your queries regarding Jumpshare. You can write also to the company for any kind of business development strategies, the email is given in the website.

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