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Jottacloud – Secure Unlimited Storage

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Jottacloud – Secure Unlimited Storage

Category : Cloud Storage

Jottacloud allows the users to store their vital data and to access these data whenever they want to. The data uploaded on the drive is safe and secure. The drive arranges all your files such that you need not face any problem while looking for a particular file from the bunch of many.

It also automatically backs up all your devices. So, synchronize your smartphone, PC and tablets with Jotta Cloud. The files uploaded on the drive are readily available for sharing and editing.

Features of Jottacloud:

  • It automatically backs up your important data. If your phone is synchronized with the cloud, every time you click a photo the pictures are uploaded on the drive. Therefore, no need to do anything extra to store your pictures into the drive.
  • Since all the devices are synchronized to the drive everything on the drive can be accessed easily. There are apps available for all your devices which can synchronize the files easily. Sharing is also very easy. The data can be shared from any device and anywhere.
  • It provides an unlimited storage area. Store unlimited photos, videos and memories on the drive safely. All the data which is uploaded on the drive is stored safely on the cloud. No risk of losing data if your hard disk crashes or phone breaks.

Security and Privacy

The world’s best privacy policy is adopted by the Norwegian company Jotta Cloud. Not even the employees are allowed to go through the personal data of their users.

No one can view the personal information stored by anyone. It is completely safe.

Jotta Cloud guarantees privacy to the customers. The privacy policy includes:

  • The files are safe according Norwegian policy.
  • All the files are stored in Norway. No third party can view the stored information.
  • Non-disclosure agreements are signed by the employees before you upload the data.
  • If you terminate your account at Jotta Cloud all your personal information will be deleted.

Therefore, choose Jotta Cloud since it keeps your personal information safe and secure. There is no risk of others having a look at your files.

Jotta Cloud for Business

Jotta Cloud is also like a boon for most of the companies. It makes their work easier and more convenient. It provides the employees the world’s safest cloud to store and share information.

Colleagues can discuss on a topic and view any file through Jotta Cloud.

Jotta Cloud is perfect for business purpose for it possesses the following features:

  • User administration tools

The members in the group to view the files can easily be added or removed by the administration. It is easier to pay bills and generate reports through Jotta Cloud.

  • Work wherever

Jotta Cloud allows the employees to work from wherever they want. This cloud storage facility is not device specific and hence the employees can access the important data from wherever they want.

Get started

Therefore, buy a storage space and start using the exciting features of Jotta Cloud. The non-ending list of benefits it has makes it better than the other cloud storage areas.