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IDrive Online Backup

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IDrive Online Backup

Category : Cloud Storage

IDrive is online cloud data storage solution devised to allow the users to store, share and download data. It allows the customers to store all their personal and professional information at one place from where they can use the required information whenever they want. Make your life digital with IDrive as it offers a secure place to store data.

IDrive is the best backup for your mobile phones, Pcs and laptops. The files stored in the drive are encrypted using a private key so that only users can access the files. Data and information stored in all your devices can be backed up by one IDrive account. Once the data is uploaded on the drive it can be accessed from anywhere you want.

Local Backup is also introduced by IDrive which is the best solution to backup data online. In case you delete any important information by mistake local backup restores the deleted data.

IDrive also provides some free storage area to all those who register here. If you choose IDrive unlimited plan for your mobile then you can enjoy free data storage area for around 5 mobiles every year by paying a nominal amount.

Features of IDrive:

A single tap can restore and backup all your valuable information like your contacts, calendars, texts, videos, apps, documents and many more.

  • Local backup facility is used to restore anything faster.
  • The files are synced once uploaded on the drive.
  • Put all your data available in different devices into one account and you can access the uploaded data from one single place.
  • It backs up and restores files in a selective manner.
  • The photos and other things uploaded here is protected and secure.
  • Keep backing up the important data after particular intervals.
  • You can also view all your pictures and videos while they are on the drive through gallery.

Security of IDrive:

The matter of concern when any user uploads files and data on to the drive is its security. IDrive offers high level security to the data uploaded here:

  • It uses 256-bit AES encryption technique to encrypt data while uploading it.
  • Private keys are present with all the users to ensure that only they can access their data.
  • Apps can be locked with a password.
  • The devices if lost or stolen can easily be unlinked from the drive to prevent any third party access to personal data.

Users can register as 5 GB of space on the cloud is available for the customers without charging anything. Hence, users can store their valuable information which includes their photos, videos, documents and other data.

In case you need more space you can apply for more by paying some amount on a monthly basis. 150 GB of space is available at $ 4.95 per month. The data uploaded here is maintained on a regular basis.

Hence, IDrive is a flexible and high speed backup service available for the customers at a reasonable price. The speed of the service is like a cherry on the cake which attracts customers to choose IDrive.