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hubiC – Online Storage, Cloud Storage

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hubiC – Online Storage, Cloud Storage

Category : Cloud Storage

Are you looking for a safe place to store your important files? Your search will end once you get to know about hubiC.

hubiC is a cloud storage solution which allows its customers to store their valuable data on the cloud. All your photos, songs, videos, and other important documents can be uploaded in one safe location. Once the files are uploaded here they are safe from any hardware or software attacks.

hubiC also allows its users to share files with his fellow mates. The files once uploaded in the drive can easily be shared by clicking on the share button. These files can also be accessed from any device be it your smartphone, tablet or your PC. hubiC can run on any operating system be it Windows, Android or iOS.

Features of hubiC

hubiC possesses lots of unique and interesting features which attracts customers from all over the world to store their valuable data here. The features include:

  • Only the owner of the account can access all his personal data uploaded on the drive.
  • It creates and deletes files. The files of same type are stored in one location. Therefore, the data uploaded here can be managed easily.
  • The documents and other files can be viewed on phone also.
  • The photos, songs and videos can be uploaded in less time on the drive.
  • Provides a backup for all your important documents and files.

Apart from these features, hubic is also a secure place. There is no risk of third party intervention while you share files with your friends. No one can view the files until the owner permits them to. The files are password protected and are encrypted while they are uploaded on the drive. Therefore, the user need not worry about the security of his personal data uploaded on the drive.

Benefits of hubiC

hubiC has lots of advantages which includes:

  • You need not carry any external hard drives with yourself for storing the data. Data can be accessed from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.
  • The cost of buying external storage devices is saved.
  • All your files are saved in one single location. You will not get confused about the location of the files.
  • Data sharing is also allowed and hence share data with family, friends and colleagues.

New additions in hubiC

Day by day hubiC is being updates according to the user requirements. It has added a new feature which tells that the hubiC account is shared in the android account manager.

Daily researches are done to optimize the performance of hubiC. The errors and the problems with the drive are fixed on a regular basis.


Hubic is undoubtedly a popular online storage device which stores large amount of data in a secure manner. In order to buy a space in the cloud the users need to register themselves here. Few GB free storage area is provided for the users to try out the facilities.

So create an account here and solve all your problems of storing large volume of data in a secure place.