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HIVE – Unlimited Cloud Storage for Your Files

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HIVE – Unlimited Cloud Storage for Your Files

Category : Cloud Storage

The increase in demand of space to store personal files and information has led to the discovery of an online data storage area. Now if hard drives and USBs are running short of space, Hive provides a cloud space online where you can upload all your documents.

Hive is an unlimited cloud storage area provided to the customers which aims to share and synchronize data. This online facility to the human being promises to ease the use of online cloud storage and makes their life more advance and fast.

Hive is a cloud storage company all around the world today which provides a wireless storage area. It also provides the freedom to the users to migrate from device to device without the pressure of constantly transferring files from one destination to another.

It is a durable, effortless and contemporary file storage service provided to the users.

Hive allows People to store information in the cloud and allow users to regain that information from anywhere and everywhere in the globe.

Hive is a complete collection of various storage systems that uses standardized web technologies in order to store and retrieve files. It is the first free and unlimited online cloud storage in the world which will handle all your documents, huge collections of music and videos and your pictures.

Features of Hive

  1. Hive promises unlimited storage which means users can save infinite number of pictures, videos, documents, songs etc.
  2. It is a very neat and a user friendly service which can be accessed by anyone and anywhere throughout the world.
  3. It provides applications for IOS and android devices which makes it more interesting and helpful for Smartphone users.
  4. You can transfer all your files from your storage device to wherever you want to move.
  5. It is very much helpful because you can create a wide network of friends with whom you can interact with and share all your intended files with just a single click which makes it very fast, reliable and easy.
  6. A very good privacy is maintained as you can lock your folders by putting a password according to your own wish so that only you have the right to access to the locked folders and no one else can have access to it.
  7. It a total free of cost online cloud storage you don’t need to pay any amount monthly or yearly for this. You just need to have is your email id or your social network site through which you can link up your account and one more thing which is required is internet facility as it is totally a online service.
  8. It is a Multilanguage online facility provided to the users through which users can use the drive in the language they are comfortable with and some languages used are English, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese etc.
  9. It supports all most all kind of file formats so almost every file format will be compatible in this to use and explore.

So register now on Hive and enjoy the unlimited data storage space. The unique features and the speed of Hive attract users from all over the world to use it.