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HiDrive – Online Storage, Backup & Security

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HiDrive – Online Storage, Backup & Security

Category : Cloud Storage

HiDrive is an exciting online storage area which allows the users to store their files and other information. It also allows users to access data from wherever they want and they can also share data with friends and colleagues. HiDrive also provides the users with an app so that they can access their account with a smartphone also. They just need to sign in with their username and password to view their files. Hence, it is the best option available to you to upload, store, share and access data from any device.

Features of HiDrive

  • All your files are stored in one location

It is easy to access your files from HiDrive as it brings all your files into one location so that the file can be managed easily. If all your files are stored in one particular location it saves you from lots of confusion. If files are stored in different locations you might lose your data but if they are stored on the drive they are secure. The backup facilities and data archiving provided by HiDrive keeps your data secure from viruses and any hardware problems.

  • Files can be accessed whenever you want

HiDrive allows you to view your files, photos and music from wherever you want. Wherevr in the world you are you can easily access your data through the online storage system. HiDrive is compatible and flexible and can be used with Windows, Mac or Linux. It is convenient to use and offers an excellent storage area.

  • HiDrive is Secure

While uploading your important data on the drive you might worry about its security. Your files are completely secure once they are saved on the drive. No one except you can access or view your data on the drive. HiDrive has received TUV certification for its outstanding security. Data stored on HiDrive is guaranteed to be safe and secure.

Features of HiDrive App:

It is advisable to install the app for quick access to your drive. It has lots of features which include:

  • You can view or open all the files in standard file format in your smartphone
  • The memories and photos can be shared to your friends through the app.
  • Files are shared after they are encrypted to ensure safety.
  • Large files like movies and videos can be streamed by the app
  • Files of size 25 MB can be emailed.
  • It is certified by TUV to make uploading and downloading of your files secure.

Data can be recovered easily

Everything might not go according to the plan every time. It might be a bad day for you and you end up doing some mistake with your important files. In case you delete a file by mistake or you forget your USB disk Hidrive is there to help you. The recovery feature of HiDrive allows you to retrieve the deleted data easily.

Life with HiDrive is well organized and you can store all your files in one single location.

So sign up on HiDrive and enjoy the unlimited data storage area provided to you. If you invite 10 other friends to use HiDrive, 5 GB will be given to you as a reward. So, log in now and get more storage space for your data.