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ElephantDrive – Cloud Storage Backup

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ElephantDrive – Cloud Storage Backup

Category : Cloud Storage

Elephant drive is an online storage service and an online backup tool for the users who do not want to lose their data.

The drive is compatible with almost all the popular operating system such as windows, Mac etc. and hence the users can access their important files whenever they want.

ElephantDrive – The easy to use interface

People who are just starters in the field of online cloud storage service, and want to back up their data must use Elephant drive. Elephant drive serves you with the best back up area to secure your files and make your files available anytime you need it. You can upload all your important documents through any device on the drive and file sharing is also easy and fast here.

Starters generally face problems while using such service, but elephant drive has a very good user friendly interface where you need not think much to perform any kind of action.

Features of elephant drive

Elephant drive offers some exceptional features as compared to other online cloud services. The features provided by elephant drive are given below as follows:-

File sync

After you get registered on Elephant drive you can back up your files always and additionally you can always sync your data through a number of devices. No matter which operating system you use, you’re your files can easily be synced by the drive. Files can easily be accessed by you anywhere and at any time.

Cloud backup

One of the core parts of Elephant drive is cloud backup, providing you all the interesting features such as file versioning, internet access and automatic backup of data.

Share your data

This is one of the facilities which make Elephant drive a unique one from the other cloud storage services. You can always share your files with your friends, family or relatives very easily. Large files can also easily be shared through the drive.

Operating system

Elephant drive is compatible with most of the renowned operating systems such as Windows and Mac (all versions). You can even use this facility on your android devices by downloading the application on your device.

Recovery of deleted files

If you delete any of your important files by mistake, you need not worry. This drive allows you to recover your deleted files by using archive control facility in which recently deleted files and folders are restored even if they get deleted.

Security concerns

Elephant drive uses Amazon S3 to save your important data. The data uploaded in Elephant drive is encrypted always with AES-256 bit encryption before leaving your device. Data which is encrypted before when transferred is done using a 128 bit SSL secured channel. Even Elephant drive workers cannot access your drive. The security system is quite high and secured.

Help and support

Users are provided with online FAQ where they can discuss their queries. Video tutorials are also provided to ease any kind technical issues faced by the user. Users can also mail as well as can also have a live chat to get their problems solved. Elephant drive also provides information for NAS users.