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Prompt File – Hosting Sites, File Sharing

Category : Cloud Storage

Prompt File is an online storage solution which allows you to store unlimited data online. The data uploaded on the drive can easily be accessed, shared and managed.

It is the most efficient cloud storage area which handles your personal data efficiently. There is no risk of losing data once it is uploaded on the drive.

It has an easy-to use interface which allows even the starters to use this service conveniently. The folders can be uploaded on the drive by a simple drag and drop technique.

Prompt File is also popular for its excellent features which attract the customers to choose Prompt File for storing all their information. The features of Prompt File include:

  • It allows the users to share files. Even large files can easily be uploaded on the drive and can be shared easily. The owner has the full control over the file and he is the only person who decides to allow others to access the files.
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of data downloaded from or uploaded to the drive. Large files can easily be downloaded from the drive if the internet connection is good.
  • The files on the drive are properly managed and arranged. The user can easily find the file he is looking for from a huge collection of data.

Other features include:

  • Allows FTP Uploads
  • Remote URL upload is also preferred
  • Videos are encoded before they are shared

Prompt File is secure

The files uploaded on the drive are encrypted from start to end. Only the one who has the key can decrypt the file. Prompt File is secure since it follows a strong encryption algorithm to encrypt all the files.

While the files are shared, they are password protected and only the receiver who knows the password can view them.

The owner is the only person who can give rights or permission to others to view his files. Even the workers of Prompt File cannot see anyone’s personal data.

Start with a guest account

Every new user gets some free storage area on the cloud so that they can test the features provided by Prompt File.

From guest account the user can enjoy unlimited downloading and uploading speed of the files. The file manager facilities are limited. They get 1 GB free storage area.

There is another facility of free account where every user gets 250 GB of free storage space. The uploading and downloading speed is unlimited and files up to 5 GB are allowed here. Through this account full featured file managing facilities are available.

So register yourself now, check out the features and then create a permanent account in Prompt File to enjoy its unique features.

Help and Support

In case of any query or doubt while using the drive the customers can directly call the customer care. The email address and the contact number are available on the website.

For any technical assistance contact the professional at the customers care office of Prompt File who are ready to help.

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SpiderOak – Encrypted Group Chat, File Sharing, and Backup

Category : Cloud Storage

SpiderOak is an excellent backup online utility for users who want a space to store their personal information. Apart from providing an additional cloud space, SpiderOak also offers its customers a management service and file sharing service. It allows users to store, access and synchronize their useful data. This online storage service helps users to access all their important information from wherever they want. It can store photos, videos, music and other important documents for a lifetime. Privacy and security are the main concerns of SpiderOak, once you upload your files here you need not worry about its safety.

Features of SpiderOak

  • Syncing

Files once uploaded on the drive are synced. This means that all the uploaded files can be accessed from any device the user want to. All they need is a username and password to unlock their drive and view the files which have been uploaded.

  • Sharing

Data can be shared easily by simply clicking on few tabs. Even large files can be shared to others privately or publicly. In case of private sharing the files are password protected. Public sharing means sending links of the folders which can be viewed and edited publicly.

  • Restoring

An outstanding facility of file restoring is provided in this service through which users can have a record of the files they have downloaded. An option of view tab is available which allows any folder to be selected and downloaded consecutively. You can also restore a large file at once by selecting the biggest file from the directory.

  • Security

A strict security system is adopted to keep all documents and files safe. Even the employees of the company cannot access the private data of the customers.

Get Started with SpiderOak

SpiderOak is very simple to use. All buttons are available on the screen which allows even starters to use the software efficiently.

  • Register yourself here by entering few details like email address, username and password.
  • Download the app on your PC, laptop or your mobile phone.
  • Enjoy using free space if you’re a new customer.
  • Upload files here, store them and share with your friends easily. Upload and share tab are present in the app.
  • Once the data is uploaded here, it is automatically stored.

The user-friendly interface of SpiderOak makes it easier for the customers to understand its features.

Pricing Plans

The price you pay for buying a space in the cloud to SpiderOak is quite reasonable.

  • 2 GB of free space is being provided by the company which is a trial offer and is limited for 60 days only.
  • 30 GB of space is provided at $ 7 every month.
  • 1 TB of space can be bought by paying $12 per month.
  • 5 TB of space is available by paying $25 per month.

The need for space is increasing day by day. An online storage area is the perfect solution to meet the demands of free and secure space. Once the data is uploaded on the drive the customers need not worry about its safety. So register now with SpiderOak and store all your important data here.

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HIVE – Unlimited Cloud Storage for Your Files

Category : Cloud Storage

The increase in demand of space to store personal files and information has led to the discovery of an online data storage area. Now if hard drives and USBs are running short of space, Hive provides a cloud space online where you can upload all your documents.

Hive is an unlimited cloud storage area provided to the customers which aims to share and synchronize data. This online facility to the human being promises to ease the use of online cloud storage and makes their life more advance and fast.

Hive is a cloud storage company all around the world today which provides a wireless storage area. It also provides the freedom to the users to migrate from device to device without the pressure of constantly transferring files from one destination to another.

It is a durable, effortless and contemporary file storage service provided to the users.

Hive allows People to store information in the cloud and allow users to regain that information from anywhere and everywhere in the globe.

Hive is a complete collection of various storage systems that uses standardized web technologies in order to store and retrieve files. It is the first free and unlimited online cloud storage in the world which will handle all your documents, huge collections of music and videos and your pictures.

Features of Hive

  1. Hive promises unlimited storage which means users can save infinite number of pictures, videos, documents, songs etc.
  2. It is a very neat and a user friendly service which can be accessed by anyone and anywhere throughout the world.
  3. It provides applications for IOS and android devices which makes it more interesting and helpful for Smartphone users.
  4. You can transfer all your files from your storage device to wherever you want to move.
  5. It is very much helpful because you can create a wide network of friends with whom you can interact with and share all your intended files with just a single click which makes it very fast, reliable and easy.
  6. A very good privacy is maintained as you can lock your folders by putting a password according to your own wish so that only you have the right to access to the locked folders and no one else can have access to it.
  7. It a total free of cost online cloud storage you don’t need to pay any amount monthly or yearly for this. You just need to have is your email id or your social network site through which you can link up your account and one more thing which is required is internet facility as it is totally a online service.
  8. It is a Multilanguage online facility provided to the users through which users can use the drive in the language they are comfortable with and some languages used are English, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese etc.
  9. It supports all most all kind of file formats so almost every file format will be compatible in this to use and explore.

So register now on Hive and enjoy the unlimited data storage space. The unique features and the speed of Hive attract users from all over the world to use it.

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MediaFire – Cloud Storage and Photo Backup

Category : Cloud Storage

Accessing and sharing your files is now an easy procedure with the development of an online cloud solution known as MediaFire. It enables people all over the world to upload and share their files. There is no need to create an account in MediaFire for uploading your files. A simple upload button uploads your important files and documents on the drive. So access your media from wherever you go, find all your files in one location and share whatever you want to with your friends and colleagues.

Features of MediaDrive

The most interesting thing about MediaFire is the users need not register themselves here for uploading their documents. Few other features are:

  • Access

Once you upload your files on the drive, your files are synced automatically. File syncing feature of the drive allows the users from all over the world to access their files from wherever they want. Users can view their files from any device.

  • Connect

Users can easily connect with anyone whenever they want to. They can invite people to edit their documents or they can share their files with others. All changes done by anyone is saved on the drive.

  • Share

Data can directly be shared from the drive itself. Just a few clicks and you can share your folders, photos and videos with others. Sharing is done by sending links to others.

  • Screenshot

It also provides the facility to take a screenshot of the work you want to. Capture the screenshot of the drive at any moment and you can share it with your team mates.

  • Security

MediaFire is secure as it follows strict encryption techniques to secure data from third parties. The folders if shared privately are password protected. The account holder is only liable to grant permissions to others to access or edit their files. Users can send one time links which can be used by the receivers once only.

MediaFire can run on Windows, MacOs or any other operating system. An app is available for every operating system which if downloaded makes your work simpler. Through the app the drive can be accessed conveniently.

User-Friendly Interface

MediaFire is simple and easy to use. All information is available on the screen, and even starters can use the drive. It provides regular notifications to the users.

When one uploads a file, the time remaining to upload the file and speed with which it is being transferred is shown on the screen. MediaFire is quick in uploading and sharing but you need to have a decent Internet connection.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

Every user gets some space in the cloud for free. A Pro account in MediaFire provides the users to save around 2 GB data in the space. The data uploaded is password protected. In case the users require more space they need to pay a nominal amount. Hence, MediaFire is pocket-friendly.

Therefore, choose MediaFire for a simple and effective online data storage solution. It is fast, reliable and allows its customers to save their important data forever.

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StreamNation – Cloud Storage

Category : Cloud Storage

An online cloud data storage area has now become a necessity for people who do not want to lose their memorable memories and important files. Capturing special moments in life is easy but saving and sharing them in a secured manner is a difficult task.

StreamNation is one such cloud storage area which allows users all over the world to upload, save and share their data. It is a secure place to store important data. It uses encryption techniques to avoid third parties to access data. So store your files here easily and share them whenever you want to.

StreamNation offers niche service which means it stores and shares media files only. Non-media files are not supported by the drive.

Why to choose StreamNation?

StreamNation is a perfect online data storage solution for many reasons.

First of all, if you are on a vacation and you want to share your special moments with someone else you can easily upload your files on the drive and share them with your closed ones. Since StreamNation is secure, it does not allow a third party to access your files. It uses a streaming technology to avoid illegal download of the content.

Secondly, apart from serving family and friends, StreamNation is used by production companies also. Movie files are uploaded on the drive so that the production companies can access the files from wherever they want to.

Thirdly, StreamNation is declared secure by the strong privacy laws of Europe’s Union. All the files uploaded here are password protected and can be viewed by the account holder only. Hence, users need not worry about the security of their files.

Fourthly, people can access their files even if they are offline. The files once uploaded on the drive can be viewed form any device and the data can be accessed even in the absence of an internet connection.

In future, StreamNation has planned to add a feature which deletes the content form the device once it has been uploaded on the drive. It is a unique feature as it would free the storage area in mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Pricing Plans of StreamNation

Every user is allowed to use 2 GB space to store data without charging anything. Users can enjoy free storage of up to 10 GB if they recommend StreamNation to their friends or download the application of StreamNation on their desktop.

For more space on the cloud, paid plans are there. 100 GB storage space is available to the users at $4 only. It may reach to $19 in case a user wants unlimited cloud storage area.

Hence, the excellent features, strong security system and fast approach of StreamNation makes it one of the best online data storage solutions. Buying space on the cloud in case of StreamNation is cheaper in comparison to others. So register now, download an app and enjoy unlimited space to store your valuable data.

Storing media is no more an issue after the development of StreamNation. Upload media files, share them easily and watch them online without any problems.

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Mega – Secure Cloud Storage

Category : Cloud Storage

Kim Dotcom launched a cloud data storage service which is known as Mega. It is the descendent of MegaUpload and has better features than its predecessor. The interface of Mega is made using HTML 5 and it uses Javascript encryption layer. It makes uploading, downloading and sharing data easier. Storing data in Mega keeps your data secure. Data can also be easily accessible from anywhere you want to. Starters as well as experts can learn the features of Mega and store their important information here.

Features of Mega

Mega is a simple cloud storage service which does not offer lots of features. The main aim of Mega is to provide its users a secure and easy to use cloud storage solution. Some features of Mega are:

Zero Knowledge

Zero knowledge is very important policy adopted by almost all cloud data storage providers. According to this policy the files are totally encrypted when they are uploaded on the drive and the user has the key. When these files are downloaded they can be decrypted only if the user knows the key. Hence, the employees of Mega also are unaware of the contents of the file.

Mouse Motion and Key Stroke

An encryption key is provided to the users on the basis of their keystrokes and the motion of their mouse. The algorithm behind this is unknown but it is an intelligent way to keep the information safe.

No Restriction of File Size

Users can upload file of any size on Mega. No restrictions have been put on uploading files on Mega.

Sharing Folders

Mega offers its users the facility to share files and folders online. The only limitation in case of Mega is the receiver must also have an account in Mega. In case the receiver is not registered in Mega, you cans end an invitation to him. The sender has total control over the data he shares.

Uploading large files

It allows the users to upload large files at once. There is no restriction on the size of the file to be uploaded on the drive.

How to start using Mega?

First of all the user needs to create a Mega account. While registering you need to fill some details which include your name, email id, username and password. These create an encryption key which further allows users to enjoy the benefits of Mega.

Uploading Data

Uploading files on the drive is very simple and easy. An upload button is available on the drive which uploads files to the drive.

Downloading Data

Data can be downloaded easily by simply clicking on the particular folder. Select the file and click on the download symbol to download it on your device.

Sharing Data

Click on the file you want to share and you will automatically get a share option. Now check out the URL link of the file and then send the link to the receiver. The receiver must know the encryption key to download the file. Hence, tell him the encryption key otherwise he will not be able to access the file and its contents.

When new users register in Mega they get trial storage area of 50 GB free of cost. If you like the features of Mega you can apply for more pricing plans.

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Jumpshare – File Sharing, Send Big Files, View Files

Category : Cloud Storage

Jumpshare is an innovative idea which is known for its file sharing service. This cloud storage device allows user to upload their important file such as images, videos, or any such documents. The files can be shared with your friends, family etc. The data sharing service provided to the users allows the users to view around 200 types of file formats from any browser. No matter what device you are using the data can be viewed easily. This real time service aims to provide the users a very fast file sharing service. You can share photos, videos, documents, PowerPoint presentations, excel, word file, codes, music and many more file types in a couple of seconds.   The security of the files is also the responsibility of Jumpshare.

Jumpshare provides 2 GB of space and an upload limit of 250 MB which is totally free of cost after that the service is chargeable. Prices are charged on a monthly basis depending upon the amount of space you buy on the cloud.

Features of Jumpshare

  • The main feature of this online data storage service is that it is extremely fast and data can be shared from one person to another within seconds. Only thing you have to do is to drag your intended file which you want to share in the Jumpshare system icon in windows and in OS X. Once the files are dragged they will instantly be shared.
  • It can view more than 200 types of file formats and so users can view almost all formats of their uploaded documents online in this drive. There is no need to downloading any extra software for viewing the files.
  • You can use this facility from any of your device or browser. It may be your smart phone, tablets, personal computers etc.
  • You can retrieve your personal uploaded data sitting anywhere in the earth.
  • Folders here are created automatically and are kept in the batch of similar to the kind of data on the drive. Therefore, looking for a particular file will not be a tedious task.
  • It has a very simple, fast and a user friendly interface which makes file uploading and sharing very easy for the users.
  • You need not end up your work after your official timings are over you can work with this online service anytime you want to work.
  • Files can also be posted to your twitter or other social networking sites in just one click.


Security and privacy

All the documents uploaded in this drive are encrypted with AES-256 standard which means Jumpshare provides a very high security for the users. Any unauthorized person can never have access to the files. So, you need not worry about your privacy and security, it is maintained at its utmost.

Help and support

You can always visit the help centers of Jumpshare or you can write emails also if you need any kind of technical assistance. You can also clear all your queries regarding Jumpshare. You can write also to the company for any kind of business development strategies, the email is given in the website.

To stay updated about the latest features of Jumpshare you can subscribe to the official blog or you can follow it in Facebook as well as twitter.

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Sync – Secure Cloud Storage

Category : Cloud Storage

Sync is a cloud storage area which makes sharing, storing and accessing your files easy from anywhere you want. It guarantees complete privacy to its customers and the files uploaded here can never get lost.

It is a 100% private cloud. New customers get 5 GB of free storage space. So register yourself on Sync, and enjoy the free storage area.

Features of Sync

Storage area

Sync is a zero-knowledge storage platform. It guarantees the privacy of your data and does not keep any information. Encryption techniques and passwords are used to hide the files.

  • Desktop apps for Windows and OS X are available.
  • Apps for smartphones are also there
  • The drive can be accessed online
  • Web browser can also bring you to your saved data

Automatic sync and back up

All the files on your personal device are backed up in one single location. All the devices are synchronized with the drive. The files can also be restored any time.

  • It provides real time backup
  • Allows to recover lost data from a disaster
  • The files deleted can be recovered
  • The file version history can restore the files.
  • Sync Vault.

Access the drive from anywhere

Sync is platform independent and it allows the users to access their files from whichever operating system they want to. Just download an app for your iPhone, tablet or smartphone and access the drive easily.

Share files in a secure manner

Files are shared through the drive in a secure manner. Even if the receiver does not own an account in Sync they can receive the files. While sharing the files make sure it is password protected.

  • Large files can be sent fast
  • Other users can also send the files to you in a secure manner.
  • The files can also be shared and you team mates can be invites to view or edit the files.
  • The admin can custom the visibility of the files.
  • Read only and read-write permissions can be set.
  • The owner can also limit the number of downloads of a particular file.

Allows to work in teams

One file can be viewed by more than one people. The owner can invite his team members to work on the files together. The files can be viewed by all the members invited. Editing control can also be provided to the colleagues.

Privacy and Security

Sync assures full privacy and security of the personal data you upload here. It provides end-to-end encryption to the files uploaded.

  • Follows encryption techniques like 2048 bit RSA, 256 bit ASE, TLS and SSL encryption.
  • The files are encrypted during they are transferred or shared.
  • The control permissions are completely with the owner of the account.
  • Has remote logout and remote wipe feature.
  • Notifications on a regular basis are available.
  • Two-factor authentication adopted for complete security.

Therefore, sync is a reliable online data storage area.

Customer Service

In case the user has any questions related to the drive, the customer care services are there to help. They help you through an email, phone call or other means.

There are a group of professionals who can work together to solve all your technical issues with the drive.

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Jottacloud – Secure Unlimited Storage

Category : Cloud Storage

Jottacloud allows the users to store their vital data and to access these data whenever they want to. The data uploaded on the drive is safe and secure. The drive arranges all your files such that you need not face any problem while looking for a particular file from the bunch of many.

It also automatically backs up all your devices. So, synchronize your smartphone, PC and tablets with Jotta Cloud. The files uploaded on the drive are readily available for sharing and editing.

Features of Jottacloud:

  • It automatically backs up your important data. If your phone is synchronized with the cloud, every time you click a photo the pictures are uploaded on the drive. Therefore, no need to do anything extra to store your pictures into the drive.
  • Since all the devices are synchronized to the drive everything on the drive can be accessed easily. There are apps available for all your devices which can synchronize the files easily. Sharing is also very easy. The data can be shared from any device and anywhere.
  • It provides an unlimited storage area. Store unlimited photos, videos and memories on the drive safely. All the data which is uploaded on the drive is stored safely on the cloud. No risk of losing data if your hard disk crashes or phone breaks.

Security and Privacy

The world’s best privacy policy is adopted by the Norwegian company Jotta Cloud. Not even the employees are allowed to go through the personal data of their users.

No one can view the personal information stored by anyone. It is completely safe.

Jotta Cloud guarantees privacy to the customers. The privacy policy includes:

  • The files are safe according Norwegian policy.
  • All the files are stored in Norway. No third party can view the stored information.
  • Non-disclosure agreements are signed by the employees before you upload the data.
  • If you terminate your account at Jotta Cloud all your personal information will be deleted.

Therefore, choose Jotta Cloud since it keeps your personal information safe and secure. There is no risk of others having a look at your files.

Jotta Cloud for Business

Jotta Cloud is also like a boon for most of the companies. It makes their work easier and more convenient. It provides the employees the world’s safest cloud to store and share information.

Colleagues can discuss on a topic and view any file through Jotta Cloud.

Jotta Cloud is perfect for business purpose for it possesses the following features:

  • User administration tools

The members in the group to view the files can easily be added or removed by the administration. It is easier to pay bills and generate reports through Jotta Cloud.

  • Work wherever

Jotta Cloud allows the employees to work from wherever they want. This cloud storage facility is not device specific and hence the employees can access the important data from wherever they want.

Get started

Therefore, buy a storage space and start using the exciting features of Jotta Cloud. The non-ending list of benefits it has makes it better than the other cloud storage areas.

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Syncplicity – Cloud Sync And Share Product

Category : Cloud Storage

For an enterprise grade data storage requirement Syncplicity is the best solution. It allows mobile collaboration and file sharing facilities. It also provides a cloud storage area where important documents and files can be stored. With Syncplicity users can experience the freedom to store as much data they want. It is also secure and is reliable. Syncplicity is the perfect place to store, sync, protect and share files. The unique features and the strong security it provides make Syncplicity trustworthy.

Features of Syncplicity

Allows access to files from any device

Syncplicity provides its users access to all the documents, folders and files which have been uploaded on the drive. The strong security features and the speed Syncplicity provides is appreciable.

  • Syncplicity collaborate you with your team members in a secure manner through the online drive.
  • Just work on the drive. No need to adopt any extra step. Keep your files in their original place and just share them by clicking a share button. Nothing else is required to share your documents with someone else.
  • Be confident about the security of the drive. The administration, security and the control features of Syncplicity are focused to keep your files secure.

Distribution of file to a mobile workforce

The drive can be used to publish the files so that large group can access the files. Irrespective of the devices they are using or the software they have, they can access the files.

  • This facility can be used to share the materials with your teammates. All your team members can view the files through this facility.
  • Make sure that the editing rights are not given to anyone so that everyone can view the correct and initial version of the file.
  • The files can be viewed online of offline.

Replace FTP and safely share large files

No extra steps are required to send large files to anyone. Files can be sent to others irrespective of their size. No matter how large your file is it can easily be uploaded on the drive.

  • Share your videos, files and other large document files securely.
  • No need to log into FTP sites for sending large files.
  • Send links through the email instead of the files so that the track of the file can be kept.

Backup your documents easily and make them available continuously

Protect all your documents by storing them on the drive. Drive also allows you to work quickly as documents can directly be edited or sent through the drive itself.

  • The documents can be backed up easily while you are working on them.
  • In case your PC ran into a problem, access your drive from another PC and start working from wherever you left.
  • Bring all files in one place.

Syncplicity is the best option to store all your files and to access them from wherever you want to. It consists of a built in editor where it becomes easy to edit the MS Office files and the PDFs. All permissions for accessing any particular file is provided by the owner himself. So register now and enjoy the data storage facility.